Founders NFTs

Renegade is excited to announce for its community of enthusiasts the introduction of the exclusive Black Card and Carbon Card as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This move not only expands the Renegade offering beyond the basic Renegade debit card but also brings the exciting world of NFTs to its users.

To purchase one of these unique NFT cards, you pay the amount upfront in USDC and receive an equivalent amount in RNG tokens! This offer applies to the first person who stakes the NFT. To enjoy the full range of perks that come with your NFT card, you'll need to stake it for a period of 2 years. During this staking period, you'll have access to all the exclusive benefits that the card offers. After the initial 2-year period, you have the flexibility to either restake the NFT for another 2 years or explore the vibrant Opensea market to potentially resell it to other enthusiasts. With this innovative step, Renegade is truly embracing the future of NFTs, offering its users a unique opportunity to experience the convergence of finance and digital assets.

Carbon NFT

The Renegade Carbon NFT will come with the following rewards:

  • 666,666 RNG Tokens

  • 5% Rewards in RNG

  • 6 Benefits

  • Airport Lounge access (plus one additional person)

Black Card

The Renegade Black NFT will come with the following rewards:

  • 333,333 RNG Tokens

  • 3% Rewards in RNG

  • 4 Benefits

  • Airport Lounge access (for the owner only)

Important note: The USDC to purchase the NFTs can currently only be purchased using the Ethereum ERC-20 chain.

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