The Vision

Since several years the world we live in, is changing fundamentally. The so called „digital revolution“ changed our day-to-day life irreversibly.
The digital revolution knows no frontiers. We are living in a time, where we start to digitize money for the very first time. By many specialists, the blockchain technology used to bring money into the digital world, is seen as one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind. Yet the technology is new and not (yet) used in our day-to-day life.
The vision of Renegade is to make this revolutionary technology accessible to everybody.
We are driven to build a bank for the people of the 21st century. An easy to use financial hub for all the financial services you need in your daily life. It will offer the same services as high street banks but many more.
We believe that cryptocurrencies will change the financial world forever. This change will not happen from today to tomorrow. It will take decades.
In our wold, cash is still the most used legal tender to meet a financial obligation. Also people need a unique bank account to settle their daily payments.
We are facing a major problem: Two worlds, cryptocurrencies and traditional banking, not linked to each other.
Our mission - to overcome this frontier. Bringing together these two worlds in one easy to use financial hub powered by our lightning fast open banking platform. Accessible to everybody and totally free of charge.
Meet the future - meet Renegade!
Last modified 4mo ago