Traditional Banking

  • IBAN Account

  • Debit Cards

  • Deposits/Withdrawals

  • Saving Plans

  • Crowd Investing

  • Crowd Lending

  • MoneyLightning (P2P money transfer)

  • Overdraft/Personal loan

When a user opens a Renegade account, they must submit an identification documentation, name, e-mail address, mobile phone number and proof of residence.

Once their KYC has been confirmed by an external provider their unique IBAN account will be opened.

With this account the user will be able to receive and send money, create recurring payments and pay bills by direct debits (SEPA).

Also, they will be able to spend their money with the Visa debit card.

To other Renegade users they will be able to send and request money by the “PayMe“ feature. Those transactions will be completed instantly and allow users to interact with their friends efficiently within the Renegade application.

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