Token Utility

The Renegade Token (RNG) serves as the fuel for the Renegade ecosystem, offering several utilities:

  1. Staking for Squad Points: Users can stake RNG to earn Renegade Squad Points. The longer they stake, the more points they earn. These points can be used to redeem Reward Boosters.

  2. Fixed and Flexible staking: The Renegade platform will offer its users APY staking. The rewards will be paid in RNG. This staking is also separate to the rewards staking.

  3. Trading & Exchange discounts: Users who stake RNG will receive discounts for exchange services. The longer you stake the better the discount. If a user unstakes the discounts are also lost.

  4. Rewards for Benefits: Each benefit chosen by the user is a €10 reward in RNG. This means that users can earn RNG by choosing benefits from their favourite companies.

  5. Spending Rewards: All the Renegade cards offer a percentage return on the user’s spending. This is then paid out in RNG, allowing users to earn when they spend.

  6. Powering the App: The RNG token powers the Renegade app, enabling users to enjoy the full range of features and services offered by Renegade.

  7. Payment: Users can use RNG as a form of payment within the eco system. For example: If a user decides to pay their monthly squad subscription in RNG, they will receive a discount.

In essence, the RNG token is a crucial component of the Renegade platform, enabling users to earn rewards, access benefits and fully utilise the Renegade app.

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