Renegade Squad Points (RSP)

In essence, Renegade Squad Points serve as a form of currency within the Renegade ecosystem, allowing users to earn rewards and customise their financial experience using RSP points.

Once users have earned Renegade Squad Points, they can use these points to redeem Reward Boosters. These boosters offer increased rewards/benefits to a user’s squad. Users can earn Renegade Squad Points (RSP) in two primary ways:

  1. Staking RNG: Users can stake their Renegade tokens (RNG) to earn Squad Points. The longer they stake, the more points they earn. This is a simple and rewarding way to collect Renegade Squad Points.

  2. Completing Squad Missions: Users can also earn Squad Points by completing various Squad Missions. These missions can include activities like inviting friends, sharing Renegade's story on social media, trading cryptos, and more. Each completed action earns the user points.

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