Visa Card

The Renegade Visa card offering aims to eliminate the current problems users face when trying to purchase and spend cryptocurrencies. At current the conventional methods are failing to create this offering for billions of users around the world. We have identified the main challenges, and these are:

  1. Limited Acceptance: Many businesses do not accept cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment, limiting the places where users can spend their cryptocurrencies.

  2. Conversion Issues: Converting cryptocurrencies into a spendable form (such as fiat currency) can be complex and time-consuming.

  3. High Fees: Some debit cards charge high fees for various transactions, including foreign transactions or ATM withdrawals.

  4. Lack of Flexibility: Most debit cards do not offer the option to spend in multiple currencies without incurring additional costs.

  5. Limited Perks: Unlike credit cards, many debit cards do not offer rewards, cash back, or other perks for spending.

The Renegade Visa card addresses these pain points by offering its users many more benefits with its use. These are:

  1. Universally Accepted: Conduct transactions without annual fees at over 80 million Visa merchant locations globally.

  2. Instant Processing: There's no need to endure long processing times. The Renegade Visa card provides instant top-up and payment completion, reducing waiting times significantly.

  3. Minimal Fees: With the Renegade Visa card, users won't be subject to significant foreign exchange fees or markups. You can spend overseas at interbank exchange rates, saving on costs that would typically be incurred with standard cards.

  4. Value-Added Perks: The Renegade Visa card doesn't just solve pain points; it provides additional benefits. Cardholders can enjoy amazing perks associated with the card, enhancing the overall user experience.

The Renegade app provides an intuitive interface for managing your Visa card. Upon account creation in the app, users immediately receive a virtual card and can apply for a physical one. This platform also enables users to track card activities, oversee spending habits, and access eligible rewards and benefits, among other functionalities.

A next-generation debit card that allows you to make transactions anywhere using fiat, Bitcoin or many other cryptocurrencies. Transactions are instant, with no time or energy lost manually converting cryptocurrency into fiat money on typical crypto exchanges.

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