The Renegade App

The Renegade app will change how people in the 21st century will do their banking as it is the first all-in-one app worldwide which combines traditional banking and cryptocurrencies in one environment.

The Renegade app will be downloadable for free on Android and iOS versions in Q3 2023.

Once the user has downloaded the Renegade app, they simply submit an identification documentation, name, address, e-mail address, mobile phone number, proof of residence and have to identify themselves through a selfie video to set up an account.

Once this process is finished, a unique IBAN account will be opened for the user along with a crypto currencies wallet. The Renegade app will give the users the possibility of opening a non-custodial wallet and custodial wallet. This offering enables users flexibility over the security and ownership of their crypto.

The account can be funded with Euro by bank transfer to start with and the implementation of other major fiat currencies will come with the expansion into other countries.

The cryptocurrencies wallet can be funded either by transferring from another wallet or by buying within the Renegade app.

The Renegade app is also set to introduce even more game-changing features. Through our collaboration with Orka Ventures, the 'RenegadeLend' feature will provide users with the capability to access micro loans. This exceptional service furthers our goal to provide a comprehensive financial solution, right at the fingertips of our users.

For all trading enthusiasts, the Renegade app offers a sophisticated trading platform with a highly intuitive user interface. This feature is designed to facilitate seamless trading experiences, and with the added advantage of low fees, it presents an excellent opportunity for traders to maximise their potential.

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