The Renegade App

The Renegade App will change how people in the 21st century will do their banking as it is the first App worldwide which combines traditional banking and cryptocurrencies in one environment.
The Renegade App will be downloadable for free on Android and iOS versions in Q3 2022.
Once the user has downloaded the Renegade App, he simply enters his phone number and email address, as well as his address of residence and has to identify himself through a video call to set up an account.
Once this process is finished, a unique IBAN bank account will be opened for him as well as a multi crypto currencies wallet.
The account can be funded with Euro by bank transfer. The cryptocurrencies wallet can be funded either by transferring from another wallet or
by buying it within the Renegade App.
The cryptocurrencies can stay in the wallet and need NOT to be converted to Euro until an actual payment by credit/debit card happens, in which case the cryptocurrencie will be converted in real-time to Euro. The user can choose between different crypto currencies or Euro from his bank account as a source of payment within the Renegade App.