The Renegade Benefits

Renegade offers a unique benefits system that allows users to earn rewards while using their favourite services. Here's how it works:

  1. Choose Your Benefits: Renegade is offering benefits for over 100 companies across various sectors, including entertainment (Netflix), retail (Amazon, Lidl), music (Spotify), and transportation (Deutsche Bahn). Users can choose which of these companies they want to earn benefits from.

  2. Earn Rewards: For each benefit chosen, users receive a €10 reward in Renegade Tokens (RNG). This means that if a user chooses Netflix as a benefit, they would receive €10 in RNG when the subscription or payment is taken from their IBAN account.

  3. Flexibility: Users have the freedom to change their benefits each month to match their lifestyle. This means that if a user chooses Netflix one month, they could switch to Amazon or Spotify the next month. This flexibility allows users to maximise their rewards based on their current needs and preferences.

  4. Stack Your Benefits: If a user particularly enjoys one service, they have the option to stack all their benefits on that single service. For example, if a user is a big fan of Amazon, they could choose to allocate all their benefits to Amazon, maximising their rewards for that specific service.

In essence, the Renegade benefits system is designed to reward users for using the services they love, offering flexibility and customisation to suit each user's unique lifestyle.

Important notice: In the Renegade rewards system, the chosen benefits by a user become locked in for a period of one month. This means that once selected, the benefits remain unchanged until the completion of that month. If a user decides not to update their benefits for the upcoming month, their previous month's benefits continue to apply. To illustrate, suppose a user does not update their benefits for three consecutive months and then decides to make a change. From the day the changes are implemented, the new benefits will be locked in, and no further alterations can be made for a full month, thus allowing the user to change their benefits only one time per month. This system provides flexibility while also ensuring consistency in the user's rewards scheme.

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