Renegade Wallets

The Renegade crypto wallets cater to all, from crypto newcomers to seasoned users. Newbies can comfortably navigate their first transaction, while veteran users will appreciate upgrades to standard features found in other wallets, particularly in the areas of backup recovery phrase and crypto transactions.

These multifunctional wallets are compatible with over 200 cryptocurrencies, including well-known options like BTC, ETH, SOL, ATOM, DOT, and LTC, and we're always looking to broaden this range. With their Renegade IBAN account, users can swiftly acquire their preferred cryptocurrencies or simply link an external credit/debit card using the Crypto Purchase feature. This function makes it incredibly easy and convenient to directly transfer any supported coins into the user's wallet.

Interlinked with DeFi the Renegade wallet offers an effortlessly smooth trading experience within the app. This system gives access to be the top DeFi platforms for exchanging and farming DeFi coins, presenting optimal rates via trustworthy and validated protocols. Renegade users can comfortably manage, exchange, and trade specific tokens across various blockchains.

To get started, users need to download the Renegade mobile app and follow these simple steps:

Select wallet creation:

  1. Select wallet custodial or non custodial

  2. Create wallet

  3. Set up a passcode and enable biometrics authentication and 2FA

  4. Accept our Legal Terms & Conditions and Privacy Notice

Purchasing cryptocurrencies with ease is a standout feature of the Renegade App. If you have Euro in your Renegade IBAN account, you can swiftly purchase BTC, ETH, or other available cryptocurrencies. Once the transaction completes, your acquired cryptocurrency is moved to your wallet.

Inside the app, users have the flexibility to select the source for their real-time and physical transactions made using their debit card. Therefore, with just a simple tap, users can utilise their debit card to spend Euro, BTC, ETH, or other cryptocurrencies, enhancing the seamless crypto spending experience.

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