Research & Insights

We will have an in-house Research & Insights team that will be committed to releasing articles, papers, and research with the goal of educating more people about the crypto sector and establishing thought leadership through incisive analysis. Our research team provides the following services:
Renegade University - instructional resources regarding blockchain and cryptocurrency for persons who are new to the field and/or want to improve their expertise;
Renegade Research Hub is a free, online repertory where we offer our independent perspectives on a variety of topics appropriate for audiences with varying levels of expertise and/or interest. We provide a diverse assortment of resources to industry experts, trade aficionados, and newcomers alike.
Renegade Private Feature Articles - Renegade Private members have unique access to our monthly feature articles, as well as additional privileges (see the section on Renegade Private for more details).
On specific areas, our research team performs in-house research as well as interacts with research partners.